About Rabail Jehan

Meet Miss Rabail, a 21 year old South Asian lady, who has a passion for neuropsychology and research. In addition to having a knack for cracking jokes, she also has a knack for business and a knack for debating. Miss Rabail also cooks well and is known to be an amazing hostess, with that, she rock climbs and hikes as well.

In 2012 as a Girl Scout member and a volunteer in Early Childhood Development program, she developed a new set of learning curriculum with her peers for 3-6 year olds but she believes her biggest accomplishment in life is overcoming a failed business venture at 16. She is an okay writer and her primary reason for making a blog was (a) vacations (b) a chance to read some great blogs.

Miss Rabail also sings and is a great dancer, she calls herself a loyal friend and lover of dogs and all things cocoa. Miss Rabail is weird but very smart and plans to self-teach herself law and business. She is currently in the process of setting up a multi-service business and welcomes constructive criticism. She is very tolerant but believes in “abuse for an abuse”.

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Rabail Jeha