Successful: the greed for success

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As I sit here, in the darkness of my room, on the softness of my bed, thinking about how to respond to the new one-word prompt: success, I look back at my life in the past and I think I have not accomplished anything that could be considered “amazingly successful”. I am 21, going on 22 in October 2017 and I have arguments on regular basis with everyone from young to old. Some are work-related, some born out of ignorance (sometimes on my part, sometimes on others), some end really well, some end so bad that they leave me feeling more sorry for humanity than I had been feeling before.

I will not go into the details of why I tend to argue this much, but when my arguments end successfully, I am and that is obvious, very very happy. Do you know what else I feel? Powerful. A simple thing, as simple as a successful argument, leaves me feeling powerful. It feels I have gained a sort of control, and even though our world has become more civilized than it was a million years ago, our primal instincts manifest in different ways today.

For us, success= gaining and gaining= having, having= accomplishing and accomplishing= power. That could be anything, that could be negative and that could be positive.

If you were expecting, I am sorry to disappoint, I am not here to give glorious illustrations of successful people who changed the course of history through their positiveness or talk about this one incident in my life where I overcame all obstacles and achieved something.

I will not classify “successful”. When I write this, I am neutral. Success has been different for different people. I want to be successful, but I am scared. I want to have it all, but why do I want to have it all. No one wants to be unsuccessful, but the primary feeling for that, even in the purest of hearts, is wanting to have it all.

Nice people would say “I want to have it all so I can give people all”, hey but would you want others to be successful and have it all and have it more than you? maybe, maybe not.

Success is the most delicious dish in the world and it tastes so good that everybody tries to be successful. In their own ways. Success is why we have good and also bad. Success is success and that starts from you, ends with you and you wouldn’t ever want to let it go ever.

I  call it, greed for success. I used to call it greed for power but I figured success gives births to that so let’s starts using the parent. Just because I use the word “greed” doesn’t make it negative. You want to be successful for your family, you want to be successful in giving this world something positive, you want to be successful in building a hospital and etc etc.

But that is the most important verb in our life, the most powerful emotion and the most powerful drug.

S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Each word feels amazing, doesn’t it?

To be honest, I don’t really understand this emotion


Author: Rabail Jehan

Passion for neuropsychology and research, interested in Business and Accounting, with Rock Climbing and Hiking as side hobbies. I am a 21 year old lady definitely NOT living in my mom's basement. This Blog is about anything and everything. You will see the serious side of me, funny side of me, random side of me and sometimes (I hope not always) the boring side of me. Makeup, politics, entertainment, current affairs, family and music you name it. I am thrilled to be a part of such an amazing blogging family and I appreciate ANY suggestions and constructive criticism. This is for you. Currently in the process of setting up a multi-service business. When I strike rich (soon!) Ill start giveaways too, watch out!! *wink wink*

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