Dear beautiful village of mine- Hunza Valley-2🌹

Isn’t it awesome that we all share this beautiful earth. Differences and problems aside, things that connect us are truly beautiful; rivers, mountains, foods, blue sky, the trees and the birds, forever there.

I love travel blogs and all things travel. Seeing different places and things on earth and realizing again and again that we share the same planet feels so good. I hope to travel someday.

Picking up where I left off, I blogged Dear beautiful village of mine. Hunza Valley last week, in which I posted the highlights of my sister’s trip to our valley for a project with her Chinese colleagues and little about the place, that inspired James Hilton’s the lost horizon. There’s a documentary in “Journeys to the end of the earth” series, about Hunza, Journeys to the end of the earth- Hunza: in search of Shangri-la in which, photojournalist David travels to Hunza and tries to unravel and explore the mysteries of the place, on the way he discovers some super-interesting and surprising facts. Be sure to check it out if you want to know more 🙂 After we moved to the city (before my birth) and grew up, we stopped going there because life happened. Our extended family still lives there. So naturally since I love that place, whenever somebody sends me pictures of it, I get SO frikkin’ happy😊

Today, I want to share some more pictures of my sister’s second visit to my valley (in less than a week).

Highlights- Drum Roll:

On the way to Gilgit, first stop for Hunza. The weather had started to roll in the dark side, and it was almost time for a heavy downpour. Looks so long-drive friendly with your BFF😍

This breathtaking view is normal for the natives of Hunza. On the way you see more than one waterfalls like this one. This one is one of the giants and my sister decided to take a bath (and then got sick)

This is the valley mail-man. He bikes through mountains, rocky paths and rough terrains to deliver letters to the people. This reminded me of a Chinese movie we saw about a village postman and his son, in Pakistan National Council of arts, I think it was last month. It was a nice movie!

TIME FOR A PHOTOSHOOT *CLICK, SNAP*. Damn! look at these beauties posing like some vogue photoshoot for horses. The right in the middle one with a slight head tilt to the left is a BORN. The highest polo ground in the world is right here in Shandur, Chitral, Pakistan. Every year in the first week of July, thousands of people from all over the world flock to Shandur Polo Festival, played on the Shandur Top, to watch the Polo match between the local rivals, Gilgit and Chitral (another equally beautiful valley). If you are ever free in summers and you fancy watching a game of polo, head straight here!!!

TIME FOR SOME HUMAN PHOTOSHOOT! Meet my kind sister who took it upon herself to photograph the whole trip plus the pictures gracing your screens. She loves to pose with the locals being a native of the place herself. For this picture she probably harassed the kid to take a picture with her because look at his innocent face. JK she doesnt harass. NoJust chillin’ after breakfast (and looking super good)

And! Food is the ultimate love *sigh* This is a hella yummy meat soup sprinkled and mixed with some traditional hunza sauces and lots of love. Right now, the weather in hunza is super cold and you have to get your hands on all things warmAh! the love of Hunza. If you visited Hunza and didn’t try the Hunza Burger, give yourself 50/100. For the locals, it is called “Chap shoro” and for you all, they gave it an easier name, Hunza Burger. A traditional hunza delicacy and a staple wedding food, it is primarily made with Yak meat but some like it with chicken too and probably 50 other ingredients. My mouth has started to salivate. Forgive me for I must move on!!

Time for breakfast!! this is a typical Pakistani breakfast, Nashta, as we call it in Urdu. The brown pancake-like bread looks like the thin version of pancake. A Pakistani favorite it’s made with flour and fried in oil. So it’ll be heavy on your tummy, we call it, Paratha. 

This cutie is basically a hand-made bin basket. In hunza, most of the every day items are hand-made, from purses to dresses to carpets and bin baskets, the women who are the main workers are SO talented, their items sell out in other countries. So you see this cute-looking bin with a card requesting you to use it, ugh, this needs to be EVERYWHERE hereMy dad is a retired Civil Engineer and he has worked a great deal. When he was young, he was dutied here for bridge projects and has made bridges all over Gilgit and Hunza, this is one of them. This place is called Chilas, a small town located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region, left of the River Indus. How gorgeous
The hotel they are staying at. It’s one of the best ones there, Chilaas Shangrilla Hotel. Look at that grass so green. The structure of the majority of the homes in the North looks like this; beautiful old-styleAaand we are back on the road to another town

So my dear folks! with the journey back on, this is the end of the mini-virtual Hunza travel. These pictures don’t do justice to this one of the heavens on earth, but I hope you liked the pictures and if u ever went here I’m sure you’d love it. One of the reasons is, the hospitality of the locals, that’s what they are known especially for, for them the tourists are everything

I hope to share with you more of this place. Until next time. Goodbye😊



Author: Rabail Jehan

Passion for neuropsychology and research, interested in Business and Accounting, with Rock Climbing and Hiking as side hobbies. I am a 21 year old lady definitely NOT living in my mom's basement. This Blog is about anything and everything. You will see the serious side of me, funny side of me, random side of me and sometimes (I hope not always) the boring side of me. Makeup, politics, entertainment, current affairs, family and music you name it. I am thrilled to be a part of such an amazing blogging family and I appreciate ANY suggestions and constructive criticism. This is for you. Currently in the process of setting up a multi-service business. When I strike rich (soon!) Ill start giveaways too, watch out!! *wink wink*

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